Do you know Flat Stanley?

Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley

Did you know that many, many people in Scotland and England know him? He traveled in the backpack of one of my recent tour participants and was photographed in many scenic and iconic spots all over the U.K.

Flat Stanley (his close friends call him “flat”) is a small cut-out character (the brilliant parents of his student creators had him laminated for survival) who apparently is known to many elementary students, parents and educators. He provides an on-the-scene report to his owners back home and helps them to learn more about visiting places all over the world.

Travel enriches all our lives, even those who experience it through pictures and stories.

Flat Stanley in London
Flat Stanley gets a helping hand from London Tower’s Beefeaters

From what I witnessed, even London “Bobbies” know him; they were more than willing to have their picture made holding this little character. It was entertaining to see the way everyone entered into the spirit of including him in the pictures, finding the perfect spot for him, and even holding his little paper hands so he was in the group shots.

I think Flat serves as a great ambassador. And the folks who travel with him and document his journeys for their young friends should be commended for their efforts and kindnesses to the students. Travel enriches all our lives, even those who experience it through pictures and stories.

The next time you travel somewhere, ask your teacher friends if they have Flat Stanley in their classrooms. If they do, volunteer to take him in your suitcase and share your trip with a classroom of students. I promise you’ll have a good time doing it!

Meanwhile, Flat Stanley has lots of stories about some amazing places he’s visited. But he’s keeping quiet.

Having a great time.
Wish you were here.


Flat Stanley, Ambassador to the World